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Freedom Classical Academy utilizes Reveal Math in grades K-5 and Saxon Math in grades 6-8.


Mastery of math begins with the belief that oneself is capable of learning and mastering difficult math concepts. To help students develop this belief, Reveal Math integrates Growth Mindset principles. Growth Mindset teaches that failure is just part of the learning process and that if we persevere in the face of failure, we can and will succeed in the end. 

To learn more about the philosophy and structure of Reveal Math, please click here.


Saxon Math is a tried and true math curriculum that has been around for over 30 years. Saxon Math is built on the concepts of incremental growth, distributed practice, and cumulative review. Students are taught new concepts in small chunks which are then integrated into subsequent lessons throughout the text. Assignments consist of a handful of problems related directly to the new concept with the remainder of the problems being review and practice of previous concepts. This helps eliminate the "cram and forget" mentality that pervades math classrooms across the country. 

To learn more about the Saxon Math program, please visit their website here.

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