Our Academics

Freedom Classical Academy seeks to fuse classical education with STEM instruction to provide students with both the wisdom of the ages and the skills of tomorrow.

Freedom has a rigorous literacy program designed to help students obtain a broad range of knowledge while also developing reading skills. Click the icon above to learn more.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) provides the technical foundation for the jobs of tomorrow. Click the icon above to learn how Freedom integrates STEM into our curriculum.


Nothing instills fear in students more than a blank piece of paper and a writing prompt. Freedom utilizes a classical approach to writing that helps avoid this common scenario and actually learn to love writing.

Classical Education

Classical Education refers to an educational philosophy utilized by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Classical Education builds character in addition to knowledge and prepares students for a life of meaning and success. Click the icon above to learn more.


Do you feel like you need a magic decoder ring to help your kids with math homework? Freedom utilizes a tried and proven traditional math program that not only gets results, but allows parents to participate in the learning process.


Elementary students at Freedom participate in PE, art, music, and leadership to provide a well-rounded education. Middle school students enjoy all of the electives above as well as a Technology course based on the CODE.org technology curriculum.