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School Testing Notification

As a public school, Freedom Classical Academy is required to participate in all state-mandated testing. Pursuant to NRS 390.275, Freedom Classical Academy has adopted a test security plan that is available for inspection at the front office of the school. Both students and staff are responsible for following the testing procedures outlined in that document and are subject to disciplinary action for violation of any of the rules contained therein.

Assessments will be administered to all students in attendance on test administration days. Pursuant to State guidance, parents may not “excuse” their students from state-mandated testing. Administration for some tests will be in the classroom environment while others will be in a testing center environment. Students with testing accommodations stated in their 504 plans or IEP documents may be administered the assessments in an alternative environment to meet the stipulations of those accommodations.

To read the text of NRS 390.275, please visit:

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