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New Attendance Policy Adopted, Effective Immediately

At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors for Freedom Classical Academy, a new attendance policy was proposed and adopted. While much of the attendance policy remains the same, new penalties for chronic absenteeism were adopted. Specifically, students that are chronically absent may lose enrollment priority for subsequent school years. A copy of the new policy can be found here.

These changes come in response to the school's 2-star rating in the elementary school for the 2018-19 school year. While the school had good academic growth, chronic absenteeism cost the school valuable points in the school performance framework - contributing to the low designation.

While the policy increases penalties for students that are chronically absent, other positive measures were also discussed to help incentivize student attendance. These include individual as well as classroom awards for great attendance.

Despite the push for improved attendance, the school will still require students that are running fevers or have vomited or had diarrhea to remain home for 24 hours following the event. Minimizing exposure to illnesses will improve overall attendance at the end of the day and is better for the health of the children.

Since the policy was adopted during the school year, the Director of the school will have authority to make good cause exemptions to the policy.

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