Freedom is never free

We are now entering the time of year where we remember various tragedies or holidays relating to our freedom. In September we remember 9/11, in October here in Las Vegas we will now remember 10/1, in November we commemorate our Veterans, and in December we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor. As I ponder all of these events I can't help but feel a great debt of gratitude for our first responders, military personnel, and all of their families that continue to stand up for our freedom each and every day. Freedom has never been free and at Freedom Classical Academy, we whole-heartedly support those who pay the price for freedom in both small and large ways.

Ancient civilizations understood that freedom was not free. For them, they knew that they either fought for freedom or suffered under slavery. To help teach their children the values necessary to maintain freedom, they created and passed down hero epics - stories of larger-than-life men or women that fought valiantly to overcome both personal demons as well as real monsters. In many of these stories the hero begins their journey as a reluctant participant laden with doubt. They suffer various setbacks and trials as they push past their personal doubt and fight for the benefit of those whom they love. Although the path to victory takes many turns, they persevere and end the end obtain their goal as well as glory.

While proximity to slavery in its many forms is much more removed today than in times past, the threat still remains. Just as ancient civilizations needed seemingly ordinary people to step up and fight for what they believed in, for something bigger than themselves, we too must stand up and fight for our freedom. In fact, it can be argued that the need for heroes has never been greater than it currently is. As has been graphically proven in the tragedies of our day, monsters still exist. While they may not have scales or breath fire, the pain they inflict is just as real as that which any mythical creature could impose.

As sentinels, we must be on the look out for threats to our freedom. If/when the time arises, we must be ready to pick up our metaphorical swords and join the battle. While there are those that take up real weapons in defense of our freedoms, the weapon most of us should wield is intellect and civic engagement. At Freedom Classical Academy, we are working to help students gain a broad understanding of the world and develop the mental skills and abilities to contribute meaningfully to our society. As we continue to pursue freedom through knowledge, we support and celebrate those who have and continue to fight for our freedom.

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