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Updated: Jul 14, 2018

The name changes, but just about everything else will remain the same.

This summer the Board of Directors for American Leadership Academy North Las Vegas voted unanimously to separate from the school's educational management company (EMO), CharterOne, LLC. As a part of this split, the school can no longer use the American Leadership Academy branding including the name, logo, mission, vision, mascot, or motto. As such, the school will now be known as Freedom Classical Academy and our mascot will be the Sentinels.

Why the change?

Freedom Classical Academy is grateful for the assistance that CharterOne has provided over the last year. Without their help, it would have been nearly impossible to get the school up and going. At this time both organizations have other interests that they would like to pursue and have decided to part ways. As the year drew to a close, leaders from both organizations met and agreed that it would be best to separate and allow each organization to pursue its own course. Freedom Classical Academy seeks to improve the quality of education we provide here at our campus and eventually expand to a high school campus as well. CharterOne, for its part, has several new schools in development around the country, including another American Leadership Academy here in Summerlin.

What does this mean for me?

The majority of changes brought about by this transition will never be felt by parents and students as they relate predominantly to back-office services. School administration will remain the same as will most of the teachers. There will be some turn over in teachers that would have happened regardless of any other change.

The most visible changes are the changes in school branding. As stated above, the school will now be called Freedom Classical Academy. Our mascot will now be the Sentinels. A Sentinel is "a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch."

Our vision will now be "Knowledge. Freedom. Leadership." This simple vision statement was designed to outline the path we want all students to take. Knowledge is the path to freedom. Some would argue that we are already free as citizens in the USA. While this is partially true, we can't truly achieve freedom until we have the knowledge to discern truth from propaganda and the skills necessary to obtain economic liberty. The freedom we seek to instill is a personal freedom. Once personal freedom is achieved, one can act as a leader to show others the path.

Since we are no longer licensed to use any ALA branding, our uniforms will also need to change. We will keep the same color motif as previously and will sell patches that can be placed over the ALA stitching on existing polos to help keep costs down. New, Freedom Classical Academy branded shirts will also be available through our authorized uniform dealer, Campus Club, LLC.

A positive outlook

We here at Freedom Classical Academy are excited to enter this next stage of our evolution as a school. While these changes will cause some short-term discomfort, we feel that this is the best course that we can take for the school and for our students. As the lyrics to a popular song state, the best is yet to come.

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